Building a New World of Peace
and Compassion


Welcome. The Spiritual Awareness Center is an inter-spiritual community celebrating our unity through our diversity. This website is our virtual connection to a greater global community. We welcome all spiritual people to join us in building a new world founded on peace and compassion.

Weekly Affirmation: My vision is a world of peace. I am at peace in my heart, with my family and friends, and all other people in the world. My peace is important to the peace in the world.

Reverend Arlyn’s Sunday Messages will resume in September. In the meantime, we will post previous Sunday Messages.


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You are a wish to be here wishing yourself. —  Philip Whalen

Being happy is a virtue too.  —  Ludwig Borne

With ordinary consciousness you can’t even begin to know what’s happening.  —  Saul Bellow

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