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Celebrate! A new book by Rev. Arlyn Macdonald, illustrated by Rev. Catharine Gates

photo of the book entitled celebrate by reverend arlyn macdonald and catharine gates

"Celebrate! Ceremonies and Blessings for Individuals, Families, and Spiritual Communities" is now available as a paperback and e-book. It can be ordered online at Balboa Press, Amazon and AmazonSmiles, and Barnes & Noble. This is a special book filled with ceremonies and blessings that speak to our hearts and souls. Ceremonies are an important part of life that have somehow been lost in modern living. This book helps to bring back these important ways of marking life events, to bless ourselves, our families, and our communities with rituals that touch our deepest feelings. They make us feel special and blessed as the spiritual beings we are.

A portion of all sales will benefit the Spiritual Awareness Center. Also, if you purchase the book through AmazonSmile using the Spiritual Awareness Center as your charity, there will be an additional contribution made by Amazon. Click the "Learn More" button below.

100 Peace Pole Project: 67 Peace Poles to Go

Join the Peace Community.

a peacepole in a spiritual awareness center member's home garden'.

In these unsettling times the Spiritual Awareness Center has launched a project to plant 100 or more Peace Poles to bring peace into our communities. Peace Poles stand as silent symbols of peace, keeping vigil, and blessing everyone who sees them. Peace Poles in this project are inscribed with the word "Peace" in different languages to show that peace is inclusive. There are over 200,000 Peace Poles in 180 countries worldwide. You can be a part of this Peace Project wherever you live.