• Q: What is peace?

    A: There are a diversity of definitions. Our definitions of peace change as we grow and our consciousness evolves. After we define peace, let us practice peace. For peace is an active vital concept. Peace on Earth begins with each of us individually. The world is depending on us now to be more active in our peace work. Peace begins with you and me.

  • Q: What is God?

    A: God is the modern word that Western religions give to the Creator. We are part of the Creator's work so we are a part of God. God lives in us as we live in God.

  • Q: Where do you get your Spiritual Cinema DVDs?

    A: All DVDs come from the Spiritual Cinema Circle Network and are kept in the Spiritual Awareness Center's own media library.

  • Q: Why is it important to tithe?

    A: Tithing is an ancient tradition in many religions and beliefs. It means giving 10% of everything you receive and represents the gateway to greater prosperity.

  • Q: Which is stronger: the Mind or the Heart?

    A: In terms of science, both the mind and heart have measurable energetic fields. The energies of the mind are more subtle than those of the heart. It is far better not to worry about the answer, but rather to work on getting the cooperation of the heart so the mind and heart can work together for the highest good.

  • Q: What is the difference between being religious and being spiritual?

    A: Religious people follow a particular doctrine while spiritual people do not necessarily adhere to any one set of teachings or beliefs. Spiritual people follow what their own heart and mind believes to be the truth. Religious people will attend a church, temple, or synagogue of their particular faith and read only the scriptures assigned by that faith.

  • Q: Why is forgiveness an important spiritual practice?

    A: When a hurt is not forgiven, a hard shell of negative energy builds up around the hurt creating a "stone." These stones embed themselves in the pathway to the Higher Self and when there are too many stones, they block the ascent of prayers and the descent of guidance and answers to the self. Forgiveness clears out the stones and fully opens the pathway.

    The newest forgiveness practice is to realize that there is no need to forgive because all hurts are illusions and only the Truth of Love is real. Until such time as we can awaken fully to this new perception, it's a good idea to practice forgiveness in the other ways, knowing that forgiveness is good for the soul.

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