Sunday Message

Sunday, April 6, 2014


March was prosperity month and we talked a lot about this spiritual principle, but there is more for us to do and I will talk about that shortly. First of all, I want to thank everyone who helped out two Sundays ago while I was sick. While I was resting, I did a lot of praying for guidance about our spiritual Center. I want to share with you this morning the guidance I was given.

I believe that guidance is more of a nudge in the right direction, a little push to start us down the right path. It is then up to us to be open to new creative ideas as they come to us. These nudges are subtle, meaning very soft and gentle. If we aren't paying attention, we miss them entirely. I was nudged towards Catherine Ponder's book. "The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity." I took the book in my hand and opened it at random. I have used this method before, and it is a good one, to get guidance. I was not surprised when the book opened to Chapter 12 – "Financial Independence Can Be Yours." I read and reread the chapter and as I read, a voice said to me, "We are not finished with the Laws of Prosperity."

I wanted to argue, "But we spent the whole month of March on Prosperity." The voice answered, "It was not enough." Then I said, "We even wrote out our Prosperity Prayer and we started doing it every Sunday and on Wednesdays." The voice said again, "It is not enough." So I am taking a leap of faith that we are being guided to our greater prosperity and we have more work to do. 

As I was contemplating prosperity, I also received an idea about a formula. Remember when we talked about mathematical formulas generating beautiful pictures, especially the simple formula that generates the Celtic knot? The light bulb went on over my head and I realized that manifesting is also a mathematical formula. What we use as our formula manifests into form. I remembered that the ancient mathematicians were looking at the universe in very spiritual ways and so formulas were all spiritual. In fact formulas are God's principles because they bring into form what we desire. Humans are one of God's formulas. Our DNA is a formula. 

So I hurried in to my office and wrote down the Formula for Manifesting so I wouldn't forget it the next day. On the insert to your bulletin this morning is that Formula for Manifesting. Take a look at it as I explain what I realized. It takes four elements to manifest: imagination or visualization, words and the power of words, energy, and a large quantity of feelings or emotions. My formula says: Imagination (I) plus [Words combined with Energy] x Feelings [squared] = Manifestation. I also wrote out the formula using symbols so we could look at it from another perspective. I was stunned with this realization about creation.

So back to prosperity. The more I thought about our prosperity the more I realized that I have not been doing all I can. Oh, I have lots of excuses like I've been sick. I'm too tired. I need help. Well as we all know, whining is not productive. So I sat down at my computer and began to list all the prosperous ideas I could come up with. 

As I read Chapter 12 I realized we were missing an important part of practicing the prosperity principles. We are affirming our prosperity and saying our prayer, but we were not yet immersing ourselves in prosperity. What does that mean? It means we are to think, speak, sing, pray, live, feel, eat, and surround ourselves with symbols of prosperity and abundance. It is the feeling of being prosperous for ouselves and for our Center that we are missing. Bob Proctoer of The Secret says, "People who have drawn wealth into their lives…only know wealth, and nothing else exists in their minds." Immersing is to have no other thoughts except prosperity.

I also picked up "Money, and the Law of Attraction," by Esther and Jerry Hicks and opened it at random. I was guided to the very first page that said, "Your money and financial assets; your body's state of wellness, clarity, flexibility, size and shape; your work environment, how you are treated, work satisfaction, and reward-- indeed, the very happiness of your life experience in general—is all happening because of the story that you tell." We are all telling our story every minute through our thoughts, words, ideas, pictures, feelings and deeds. How we tell our story is important. What we say in our story is important. How we feel about our story is important. Our story is a holographic tale– it's multi-dimensional and we cannot ignore one part of it and expect it to manifest in the way in which we desire. The part that we have been ignoring is the feeling part, the immersing ourselves in prosperity part.

Here are some of the ideas that came to me during this guidance about what we could do to more fully tell our story.

  • Choose a Prosperity Focus for the rest of the year. That means everything we do or say is based on growing our prosperity for each and every member and for the Center itself.
  • Make our environment look prosperous. Think about how you can change your home environment to look more prosperous. Here we can set up our space every Sunday with our curtains and wall hangings and make our look one of prosperity. So what if we don't have our own building. We can make this one beautiful and prosperous looking.
  • Be at our best. That means looking our best and speaking our best words of prosperity. Be our best when we come here on Sunday mornings. That doesn't mean you have to wear fancy clothes, only that you dress to feel your best when you come, whatever that means to you. When I used to attend the Methodist church in Los Angeles, CA, I wore a hat every Sunday and when I walked into the church with my hat on, I felt my best. It is this feeling of prosperity and being our best that is the principle we are missing. Let me be clear on this. I'm not asking you to dress in fancy clothes only to dress in such a way that you feel your best when you come. Whatever makes you feel good and prosperous is the key.
  • When someone asks how you are doing, give them your best answer not your worst answer. "I am great. Life is wonderful!" When people ask about the Spiritual Awareness Center we don't answer by saying, "Oh, well, you know, we don't have many people and our finances are low and.... Instead we affirm, feeling prosperous and speaking abundance, "We are doing extraordinarily well! You should come and join us sometime."

I have a long list of ideas I came up with but I'm not going to go into them right now. Instead, I would like us spend a little time brain storming ideas as a group and I invite you to think about other ways we can immerse ourselves into prosperity. During the week write down any prosperity ideas that come to you and bring them back to share next week. 

 The question is: What are some steps we can take to immerse ourselves into prosperity and abundance in our own lives and into the life of the Center? Can someone write down these ideas as we come up with them?

Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas. I will compile a list and have it available next Sunday. This process is not going to happen overnight, but I am confident this guidance is just what we need to affirm and practice the spiritual principles of Prosperity. We are being guided to "see clearly" and "embrace the Truth" about prosperity. 

 In fact, we are already seeing some of that prosperity. The City refurbished the floors for us. Patrick is gifting each of us a new SAC bag. Sharon Matney has gifted us with 12 plus hours of DVD's from Wayne Dwyer on prosperity and two of our members have already tithed, given ten percent, of their tax return. Just setting our intention towards prosperity is already bringing us new prosperity. We are already more prosperous than we were 2 weeks ago.

Think about how you want to prosper your life and how we all can help to prosper the life of the Spiritual Awareness Center. Some churches use the 40 days before Easter to contemplate the meaning of renewal. We are going to use the 40 days after Easter to engage in the 40 Day Prosperity Plan. The Plan is included in your bulletin today and I will have extra copies next week. It's another way for us to practice prosperity. I hope you will join me.


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