Sunday Message

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Home is not really a physical place. We all have memories of our most favorite home, especially if you moved around a lot as a kid. Or maybe you are still looking for "home." There is something inside us that wants to go home, not all the time, but sometimes when things are going badly or we are sick or just too tired. We want to go home and feel comfort and security and love. It isn't always the place where you are home, but the place where you feel home. It is that feeling of home that we long for.

I've been re-reading a book entitled "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton. He holds a doctorate in counseling and is a state certified Master Hypnotherapist. For the first part of his career he scoffed at the idea that people could recall past lives and that events and experiences of past lives could be causing problems in current lives. But when more and more of his clients began to remember past lives and finding events and experiences that were causing them pain in this life and especially when those memories cured the problems, he began to believe. As his practice grew, he also had clients who could access higher spiritual levels and one day one of his clients went back to a time between lives. Since that time, Dr. Newton has been recording and studying those between lives experiences to give us a better picture of what happens after our physical bodies die and our spirits go home.

We are always longing for home – our spiritual home. This earthly place may satisfy us for a little while, but the longing always returns. What are we longing for? It is that spiritual home we left behind when we came into the earthly plane. We think it is our favorite childhood home but it goes deeper. I want to share with you this morning some excerpts from Dr. Newton's book about going home. You don't have to accept these reports as true, but they describe going home to God from a different perspective.

In the first case study, the client is describing what it feels like when she has gone through the tunnel of light. You may remember that people who have had near death experiences describe this tunnel of light that opens onto a beautiful meadow. She says, "Well, it's hard to put into words. I feel…thoughts of love…companionship…empathy…and it's all combined with…anticipation…as if others are…waiting for me. I sense a harmony of thought everywhere…"

Another client shares, "I am hearing sounds…an..echo..of music…musical tingling…wind chimes…vibrating with my movements…so relaxing." And another exclaims, "My God, this place is big! It's so bright and clean…it even smells good. I am looking at a beautiful ice palace of color."

Another client says, "It's so…warm and comforting. I'm relieved to be away from Earth. I want to stay here always. There is no tension…or worries…only a sense of well-being. I'm just floating…how beautiful."

Dr. Newton says that there is always someone to meet you on the other side, your personal guardian angel, a loved one, a loving spirit. Coming home is not the same when there is no one to meet you. So we are met by someone who truly loves us.

What do you do after you come home? We usually spend time visiting with our families and then our friends and we tell them everything that has happened to us since we were home last. That is exactly what happens when we come home to God. We spend a time visiting with our guardian and our loved ones who have gone on before us, and then it is time to reflect on our lives. Often when I have gone home I found myself in this reflecting time. Things seemed clearer when I was home.

The same thing happens in this place between lives. You reflect and often you have a guide to help you. One clients said it like this when asked to describe his surroundings as he gets ready to reflect on his life. "I go into a room—with walls…(laughs) Oh, it's the Buckhorn. A great cattleman's bar in Oklahoma. I was happy as a patron there—friendly atmosphere—beautiful wood paneling—the stuffed leather chairs. I see my guide is sitting at one of the tables waiting for me. Now we are going to talk". Dr. Newton asked, "How do you account for an Oklahoma bar in the spirit world?" The client answers, "It's one of the nice things they do for you to ease your mind, but that's where it ends. (then with a deep sigh) This talk is not going to be like a party at the bar." It seems like the client believed he blew it in his past life and didn't learn his lessons and is now facing explaining to his guardian angel.

Another client responded to Dr. Newton when asked why we have amnesia when we return for a new life on earth, "If people knew all about their past, many might pay too much attention to it rather than trying out new approaches to the same problem. The new life must be…taken seriously."

After reflection in which the individual realizes that certain lessons were not learned, there is an overwhelming feeling of forgiveness and the individual is ready to move on and goes to a staging area. Have you ever dreamed of being in a train station or an airport going somewhere but you don't remember where you are going? You are remembering this staging area. Many clients describe this time with excitement. There are many souls coming and going through a central hub of a wheel and moving outward on the spokes. It's also been described as a mighty galactic cloud in a unified celestial field. The souls are dazzled by an eternal world spread out before them and believe that somewhere within lies the nucleus of creation.

From this staging area the soul moves out to their real home, a cluster of light. One client describes it like this, "There is a familiar pulling of minds…reaching out to me…I'm catching the tail of their kite…joining them in thought…I'm home! There is complete openness and acceptance here. These are people I know and love. I'm home!" This home cluster is where the souls normally stay in the spiritual world. This is a place where your group of souls learns to work things out together. Dr. Newton mentions that this home group does not always contain members of your family from earth. Have you ever had the experience of meeting someone new and you know deep inside that you've met this person before? He or she is probably from your spiritual home group. Often these souls come to earth at the same time.

The home cluster groups are like different classrooms in a school. After a time the soul is called before the Elders who evaluate the last life and guide the soul to the next level of learning. The souls do go to school, so if you are thinking you are finished with school, better think again. Schools in the spirit world are described more like temples with huge libraries filled with life books. There are about 20 souls in a classroom. The life books are brought out and the students go over their last lifetime and help each other understand and discuss the value of their choices.

As the student souls learn and understand more, the color of their energy changes. Teachers have deeper colors because of their knowledge. The colors, Dr. Newton says correspond to the colors of the energy radiated from the stars. He believes that both our spiritual and physical consciousness project and receive light energy.

After numerous classes and graduations, the souls are ready to go to the Ring of Destiny to choose their new life or at some point they move on to the next spiritual level. This is like a ring of infinite possibilities. When the life is chosen, the soul goes back through the tunnel to earth and has another opportunity to learn. The soul always goes back with a plan and if you think about it, we all have a vague sense of a plan or purpose for our lives. We can't quite put our finger on it, but we know it is there – it's the purpose we decided on before we came back to earth.

Dr. Newton concludes, "Perhaps the most gratifying feature of my work in uncovering the existence of a spirit world in the minds of my subjects is the effect this conscious knowledge has on them. The most significant benefit which comes from knowing we have a home of everlasting love waiting for us, is being receptive to the higher spiritual power within our minds. The awareness that we do belong somewhere is reassuring and offers us peace, not merely as a haven from conflict, but to unify ourselves with a universal mind. One day we are going to finish this long journey—all of us—and reach an ultimate state of enlightenment, where everything is possible."

I believe there is such a spiritual home for me. The more I learn to be kind and compassionate and practice what I know to be the Truth, the faster I will make it home. If it involves coming back to earth again, I am more than willing, because I know it is just another leg on the journey back home to God, to float away in beauty. I know you are going home to God too. I'll see you there.


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