Sunday Message

Sunday, February 8, 2015


There is something in you that wants to be loved and something in you that wants to extend love. We are love based beings. What is the part that wants to be loved? And this part is in every one of us. This part is, of course, our inner child. Unfortunately, we are not taught as children to love ourselves and consequently as adults struggle with finding the deep self- love that makes us whole. We are always taught to love others, but not ourselves. That is so sad because our inner self is the closest person to us and desires our love so profoundly.

But there is hope on the horizon for all of us who were not taught to love ourselves. We get another chance, and another and another. We get to choose now as adults to give ourselves the love that we need and want. And that is a happy thought.

In my book, "Parenting for Heart, Mind and Soul," I talk about the Five Primary Values and it is no coincidence that Love is the very first value. The others are respect, honor, sharing and forgiveness. I believe these are primary values because they are both nouns and verbs or the idea and the expression of the idea.

Love as a noun is the unifying force in relationship. Actually, it is the unifying force in the Universe. The Universe is love based. Without Love everything falls apart. The Dictionary of All Scriptures and Myths says that Love is "an intuition or direct sense that all things in the natural, moral, and intellectual orders work together for good, despite the appearances to the contrary." Notice there are three orders, natural, moral and intellectual. These correspond with heart, soul, and mind, which are to work together for the good of all parts of you. This is the basis for real self-love.

We are talking about the relationship of heart, mind and spirit working for your own highest good. And it starts with the relationship between the heart and the mind. The heart is the inner child, the mind its older sister or brother that the inner child adores. The mind's job is to provide guidance and loving nurturing to the inner child. The heart's job is to provide intuition and loving devotion to the mind. When one side falls down in its job, both suffer.


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