Sunday Message

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Angel Sightings

I’'ve been thinking and pondering something I want to share with you this morning. For many years I have believed that we are here on earth to learn our lessons. If we don'’t learn them, we come back again, as many times as it takes. But recently, through various readings and insights that have come to me, I realized and now believe that being Children of God, we already know what is spiritually true in this universe. We know this deep down in our hearts but we have never been told to look for it there.

I believe now that we are born to this earthly plane to put into practice what we already know. The Truth has always been written in our hearts. We know the Truth on that deep soul level. Earth is not a university, it is a voc-tech school. It is an internship.  We are here to practice the Truth of our Existence. We refine our learning in between lives on the spiritual planes. This change in my belief has given me a new perspective on life. Instead of asking myself, “What is my lesson here?”  I now ask, “What Truth am I to practice or express in this situation?” Most often, it is Love and Forgiveness. Sometimes it is Compassion or Understanding.  I invite you to explore this insight for yourself.  You don'’t have to agree with me, just give it some thought and see how it feels in your life to have the perspective of practicing instead of learning. How it feels to know that you have the Truth with During the month of October we have been talking about angels.  I looked up recent angel sightings on the internet and discovered two interesting events to share with you. The first occurred in February of this year in downtown Los Angeles. Robert Bingham who seems to have the ability to summon flying light objects in the sky, had a summoning event in a downtown park.  He invited people to bring their cameras, video cameras and telescopes to the park and then he called in the lights. Some of the people were able to enhance their video footage to get a clearer picture of what they filmed. To their surprise, the light morphed into the form of an angel and back into a ball of light.  It did this several times. The second event happened in July of this year over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Two different video cameras recorded the same event. A bright light hovered over the area and then zoomed down to the horizon, hovered there for a few moments and in a flash of light was gone. On the ground at the same time another person recorded the image of an angel in the sky and someone looking up right at that instant. Google recent angel sightings to see these and more events for 2014.

In 1985 Soviet cosmonauts reported seeing seven large angels with wings as big as jumbo jets from the windows of the Salyut 7 Space Station.  “They were smiling,” they said about their angel sighting.

In you and all you have to do is let it flow? And if by chance, we are really on our way to becoming angels, we can make faster progress by practicing and expressing Love.  For that is what angels do, express the Truth of Infinite Love.


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