World Religions

A collection of articles about past and living Religions of the World. These are simple overviews to help us understand the similarities in all faiths and beliefs.



Religion is the organized search for the meaning of life. Humans have been searching for the meaning of life since the dawning of awareness. At one time, even the natural sciences were considered a part of the religious search for meaning. Only in the last 300 years have science and religion split as separate paths of exploration. Religions today are communities of people who share the same practices and beliefs in a Creator. More than three-quarters of the people of the world consider themselves religious.

There is a great movement in modern times to move away from organized religions to a more personal search for meaning. This is called the spiritual path and many people in today’s world claim to be spiritual rather than religious. But it is still important for us to understand the beliefs of the religions of the world and realize that we are all searching for the answers to the same questions and that the basic foundation of each and every religion is called "The Golden Rule" (treat others as you wish to be treated). The customs, rituals, way of living, or culture may be different, but we are all human beings searching for the same answers and desiring to live in peace with each other and Mother Earth. Religion binds people together or separates them in often violent ways. Most wars have been fought because of the differences in religious beliefs.

It is time to change and make a shift to tolerance and respect. With more understanding of World Religions we can see that we are at heart one people searching for the same answers to life's important questions. It is our diversity that allows us to find the more complete answers. Each religion is a particular path that speaks to the heart of the individual and that connection should be honored and respected. All paths lead to God, the Divine, the Creator. My path may not be your path, but it is still a sacred path. Peace will only come when we realize that each path is to be honored and respected.

Rev. Arlyn Macdonald

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