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YOUTH QUESTION OF THE MONTH: I thought God was masculine but my girlfriend is talking to me about the Goddess. Who is the Goddess? I’m confused. Help….

ANSWER: Because we live in the modern Western world of mostly Christian thinking, God is referred to as masculine, our Father, the Lord, and there is only one God. The early people of the world believed that “God” was feminine because everywhere they looked they saw evidence of new birth. Giving birth is female so they believed it was the Goddess who was the deity. Other religions have both Gods and Goddesses to explain the spiritual world. Buddhism teaches that we shouldn’t worry about a Supreme Being because our brains are too small to understand, therefore we should focus on learning how to conrol our own thoughts. Some ancient and modern spiritual teachings say that God is both masculine and feminine and neither. The Divine Source is Spirit encompassing all of life. Perhaps it would help if you started thinking of the Creator as Spirit.

-- Reverend Arlyn

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