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YOUTH QUESTION OF THE MONTH: How do I know which religion is right?  They all say they are right and everyone else is wrong.

ANSWER: If we look at religions, which are different ways of trying to understand our connection to God, as different paths to God with a part of the whole Truth, then all religions are right and none of them are wrong. Instead of asking which religion is right, the question is: “Which religion is right for me? Each person has a unique connection to God and a unique understanding of the Divine. Whichever religion you choose is right for you where you are currently on your spiritual journey. You may choose to study a particular religion for a period of time and then study a different religion or spiritual path later. Or you may choose not to study or be involved in any religion. Spirituality is not solely contained within religions. Choose what feels right to you at this time and which path speaks to your heart and mind.

-- Reverend Arlyn

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