Peace Pole Project

100 Peace Poles – A City of Peace

The Spiritual Awareness Center is sponsoring a new project to plant 100 Peace Poles in our community and declare ourselves to be a City of Peace. No other city in the United States has 100 Peace Poles.  Atlanta, Georgia is the closest with 55. We only have 99 to go.

The first Peace Pole was planted in in our community in Ute Indian Park. It was dedicated in 2007 and since that time has been a popular gathering place for groups and individuals seeking a quiet place to meditate on peace. Regular Prayer Gatherings on the Equinoxes and Solstices and other important occasions are also held there.

Individuals, businesses, service and community groups, schools, churches, and the city are encouraged to plant Peace Poles. To be included in this project, Peace Poles should be registered with the Spiritual Awareness Center (use the form below to send information and a photo of the Peace Pole).  All Peace Poles officially registered will receive a free Dedication ceremony by members of the Spiritual Awareness Center.

Local Vendor Information to be posted soon.

More Peace Projects to be announced soon.

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